Thursday, 7 March 2013

Curry Easy – a cookbook by Madhur Jaffrey

Curry Easy by Madhur Jaffrey reviewed on Carole's Chatter

I was fortunate enough to have been given Curry Easy by Madhur Jaffrey.

She has created a book that makes it easy to make dishes which taste Indian while being simple to make.  This is one cookbook I won't be dismantling to pick out only a few recipes for my recipe collection.  I have already identified about 20 recipes I want to try.  The first one I did worked out just great.  I will be posting about it in a few days.

There are 175 recipes divided into:
Starters, Snacks & Soups
Fish & Seafood
Eggs & Poultry
Lamb, Goat, Pork & Beef
Relishes etc
Spices, Seasonings, Oils & Techniques

The author is not precious about every dish being authentic.  There are some delightful Anglo-Indian recipes too.

If you want an easy way into Indian cookery like I did, this is the book for you.

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  1. Indian is my favourite cuisine I have had a few Indian themed dinner parties in my Aussie backyard too which have always had rave reviews from friends! I have a few indian cookbooks, dont see the harm in adding more to the collection :D


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