Thursday, 27 December 2012

Newport Cottages

The Breakers

If ever anything was misnamed it is "Newport Cottages".  They are actually large stately homes that were built by the wealthy in Newport, Rhode Island as summer houses (palaces really!)


A bit like Las Vegas, you have to see it to believe it!  Here are some more examples of these little summer houses!

The Vanderbilt's cottage

Rosecliff Ballroom

These huge houses were set up for entertaining on a grand scale but unlike English country houses, they didn't have many guest bedrooms since everyone who would be invited was expected to have a "cottage" of their own.


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  1. Have you ever visited there Carole? I have been to a few of them. Very rich in history and well preserved, these large and often garish mansions are now museums for public viewing. The town of Newport is laden with historical buildings, many shops and restaurants. It's a nice destination for a vacation - not so children friendly in my estimation.


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