Sunday, 16 December 2012

Roast pork with chilli gravy

As a special treat we had roast pork.  I just find it impossible to resist pork crackling so we can't have it very often. 

I roasted the pork for 20 minutes on high and then turned it down to moderate until it was done – I use a meat thermometer to check this.  I just covered the roast with salt and pepper and then put 2 dried red chillies and some red wine in the bottom of the pan while it was roasting.

I served it with a simple radish salad, roast pumpkin and crispy roasted potatoes.  You all should try roasting pumpkin if you haven't had it – it is delicious.

After the pork was cooked and resting, I poured the fat off the roasting pan and then deglazed it with a bit of red wine.  I then added crème fraiche – whisking it in well.  I thickened the gravy with a little gravy packet mix but you could do it the traditional way with flour.  I sieved the gravy before putting it into the gravy boat – this removed the dried chilli and ensured a nice smooth texture to the gravy.

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  1. The roast pork looks wonderful, I like the addition of the red chillies- so unique!

  2. You just made me extremely hungry.

  3. Look great! Yummy. I love chilly.

  4. Looks yummy. I'm pulling radishes out of my winter garden. I planted them in late September and on warm days, they come out of the ground crisp and delicious.

    Joy's Book Blog

  5. You are right. The best part is the crackling!!
    Saturated with a lot of garlic spices!
    Going today to a historical re-enactment Christmas party.

  6. Oh my that looks wonderful. I think I really do have to try roasted pumpkin -- that sounds wonderful.

  7. Haven't had a pork roast in a long time. Yum!

  8. Sounds good...pork roast is always a good dinner in the winter!

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  9. I love roast pork..and that gravy looks delicious!

  10. Yummy, this sounds way better than the ham sandwich I had for dinner!

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  11. Looks wonderful! Reminds me that we haven't had pork roast in a while...I think we're overdue!


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