Saturday, 15 December 2012

Adelaide – A good place to visit

Torrens River - runs through Adelaide

 Another post about our trip to Adelaide.  This one is about the city itself.

One of the oldest residential areas in Adelaide is called North Adelaide – this may not sound romantic but in fact it is a great little suburb surrounded by trees just north of the City Centre. Its those two-three little orange blocks up the top of the map.

These are examples of the sort of housing you find there.  Small, old and no doubt very expensive given its proximity to the centre of town and to parks.

The shopping in Adelaide was fairly typical of any largish Australian City.  This was a nice old shopping arcade.

We did find a quirky shop called Urban Cow on Frome St which only sells items handmade in Adelaide and its surrounds.  It  was packed with great stuff and I went completely mad with the old plastic fantastic.  

Attached to the shop was a trendy little café called Howling Owl – just loved the name.  It seemed mainly to be frequented by young university types but they were very friendly to us despite us not fitting their demographic! 

We visited Central Market which is near Chinatown.  A great selection of fruit and veg.

Getting around Adelaide as a visitor is pretty easy.  There is a free City Loop Bus (which runs in both directions) and the tram is free within the City (but you have to pay to get out to Glenelg).  One quirk with the city is that each street which intersects with King William St (the main big street named for Adelaide's husband) has a different name on each side of it.  They say in Adelaide that you can't cross a King!

Glenelg is the closest beach suburb to the city centre.  It is a nice beach but very built up with condos etc as you can see.  We preferred the less busy beaches just a little further south.  But one big advantage of Glenelg is that the tram terminates there.

I haven't quite finished wittering on about Adelaide yet. There will be another post about the food!

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  1. This is so pretty. I love the homes, they have so much character!

  2. The place looks so beautiful.. Wish I could go there sometime..

  3. Beautiful pictures--I've always wanted to visit! Maybe someday..

  4. Really neat! The houses and buildings are beautiful. I'd love to visit the market!

  5. Hi Carole,
    I'm so pleased you enjoyed your stay in Adelaide - my home town! It's a beautiful city, a great place to live and well worth a visit.


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