Thursday, 11 October 2012

An Autobiography that is well-written and remarkably honest - or it seemed so to me anyway!

This autobiography, Personal History by Katherine Graham won the 1998 Pulitzer Prize – and deservedly so.  Many autobiographies are barely disguised bragging books.  But Katherine Graham wrote a cracker of a book. 

The Daily Telegraph said that it “is a well—written, fascinating, moving and, in its social and historical context, important book.”

Katherine Graham became the publisher of the Washington Post after her husband became seriously mentally ill and committed suicide. She went on to become famous and feared in her own right. 

Her time covered the Pentagon Papers and Watergate which led to the resignation of President Nixon, amongst other things.

She was personal friends with  the Kennedy’s , the Reagan’s, Henry Kissinger and Warren Buffett – now that's a mixed crowd.

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  1. I lived in Washington, D.C. less than a year and as a typographer applied for a typesetting position with her paper. She was a woman that clearly defined for us that woman can be top executives. Thank you Carole for reminding us of her.

  2. This is a book I've always meant to read, but never got round to, perhaps I'll be inspired by your interesting review....

  3. This has been on my TBR shelf for years! I finally put it on several challenge lists this year in the hopes it would spur me on to read it finally, but here it is October and I haven't done it yet.

    I think your review was just the kick I needed. Now I am looking forward to it.

  4. You did spur me on. I read this one and loved it. I added my review to your Favorite Biographies list.


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