Tuesday, 31 July 2012

JK Rowling

J K Rowling

It was JK Rowling's birthday on 31 July 1965.  So today she will turn 47!  Still young but so rich as a result of her undoubted talent and creativity.  And quite beautiful too, going by this picture.

I have read all the Harry Potter's and enjoyed them.  I don't think of them as just books for kids.  There is something special about the way she mixes the non magical world with the magical one.  I enjoy that much more than books which are entirely in the fantasy realm.

I am looking forward to her first book written specially for adults – The Casual Vacancy.  It will be out at the end of September.

Did you know that her middle name does not start with a "k"?  In fact she didn't have a middle name.  Her publisher suggested she add an initial so that it wasn't clear to her initial target market (young boys) that the writer was a woman!  And then, of course, she got stuck with it.


  1. I so admire her. She's so incredibly talented. I too I'm looking forward to reading that book. :)

  2. :) Looking forward to her new book as well!


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