Saturday, 30 June 2012

Solution for 29 June cryptic crossword clue

A number of puppies, say, born in a trash can (6,3)
Solution – litter bin

A reasonably straight forward charades type clue which includes an abbreviation.  For more about different clue types, see the sidebar under the StumbleUpon button.

A number of puppies is an example of a litter of young animals.  You also have litters of kittens and pigs.  So here "say" is indicating that "a number of puppies" is an example of the solution word rather than a direct definition of it.

You add something representing "born in" to litter and you get the solution.  "Born" is represented by the letter "b" and "in" is added to get "litter bin" which is another term for "trash can".

Congratulations to Angela at Tracing Rainbows who was the first to guess the answer.

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