Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Picasso exhibition – Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

This exhibition was a great opportunity to see a lot of works from the Musee National Picasso Paris a lot closer to home.  The museum in Paris is under renovation and this meant that the exhibition was able to go to Sydney for several months.  Unfortunately it ends on the 25th March.

It then moves to Toronto, Canada from 28 April to 23 August.  And won’t be back on show in Paris until mid 2013.

The exhibition was arranged by time.  It was interesting to see his early works, then his adoption of very abstract modernist forms, then his later more figurative (relatively speaking) stuff.

My favourites were:

Torso – done at age 12

Olga – his first wife, a ballerina

The bathers – 1918

The Reader – his mistress Marie Therese with whom he had a daughter

The acrobat 1930 – weird but wonderful

Portrait of Dora Maar.  Another mistress who he lived with for 10 years and had 2 children.

Jacqueline – who became his second (and last wife) – don’t you love the long neck.  He married her when he was 70.


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  2. Hello, Carole.Thank you for your visit.

    I have been to the Picasso exhibit twice now, and will try to get there once more before it leaves the AG-NSW. I was really put off the first time, because I thought it was full of his minor works. The second time, I realised that even his minor works are better than the major works of many other celebrated artists.

    1. You got that right. Thanks for your comment.

  3. It was a great show and I love your choices. Imagine being able to draw like that at 12 years of age!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, would have loved to have seen it, but I'm a bit too far away, your article is very interesting.

  5. Thanks for letting me know about this exhibit. My husband LOVES Picasso, so we will definitely go when it's here in Toronto. We saw a special exhibit in Zurich a few years ago that was really nice. And we've been to the museum in Paris several times. :)

  6. I lived in Sydney for six years, and spent innumerable Sundays wandering around the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Why couldn't they have had exhibitions like this back then?! :)

    1. It was a bit of a oncer! Thanks for stopping by


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