Sunday, 15 April 2012

Beautiful Bermuda

Main street in capital Hamilton

Bermuda is a really interesting place to visit – not a place to live perhaps.  It is still a British colony.  To say it is picturesque is an understatement.  There is a real wow factor.  Its status as a tax haven for many means that a lot of funds management and insurance businesses are set up there.  I flew in from London on British Airways.  Very interesting plane – at least 2/3rds of it was business class seating!  BA have the monopoly on the route so as a result the service was nothing to write home about.

Bermuda is tiny. It is a 22 square mile chain of interconnected islands.  It is broadly on a latitude with New York 700 miles off the coast of the US (not in the Caribbean as I first thought for some reason).  But it is warm.  The capital is Hamilton.  It has a population of about 60 thousand.

There are very strict controls on buildings and transport which leads to some of the prettiness of it.  And then there really are businessmen in Bermuda shorts with long socks and shoes wandering around.

One slight downside is that large cruise liners dock right on the main street and the shops and restaurants can get overwhelmed with cruisers.

Specialities of Bermuda include “dark and stormies” (cocktails made with local rum), beautiful beaches with pink sand, lots of businessmen on scooters and lots of golf courses, the architecture and of course the Bermuda Triangle.  Around 800 buildings that were built from Bermuda stone, in the 17th century, are of historical importance in Bermuda, and are protected by legislation. These protected buildings have to be of a certain colour, with white roofs, painted in light shades

If you ever get the chance, go there.

Typical architecture in Hamilton
One of many charming Bermudian inlets
Bermuda has many beaches with lovely fine pink sand
Bermuda shorts are worn by business men as a matter of routine
Sunset in beautiful Bermuda
Some typical architectural details


  1. Thanks for giving me this link on my blog. I've long wanted to find an excuse to go to Bermuda, and this post only makes it that much stronger. I'm a chess player and they have a nice annual chess tournament there. I should find a way to get there. I'm just worried that it would cost too much!

    1. You are welcome, thanks.
      Since you are a chess player you might be interested in my cryptic crossword posts?

  2. Carole, thanks for the visit to Night Writers. I've never been to Bermuda but have heard good things about it. Having cruise ships docked in prominent places can ruin an island for me. I remember St. Thomas as really beautiful, but then the cruise ships docked and dropped their passengers. That's all I remember now!

    Your location is a fantastic one, but I've never been there.

    Please visit my blog, Notes Along the Way, I'm writing Around the World in 30 Days for the A to Z Blogfest Challenge.


    1. I agree about the cruise ships but if you pick the right timr just before or after the season there shouldn't be any - and it will also be cheaper.

  3. That looks beautiful! Thank you for pointing that out to me. I love to travel.


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