Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Its not new news that the news media get things wrong

In my opinion the media rarely report anything accurately (probably because they are rushing).  Every time something I have known about directly has been in the papers, the coverage has not been complete or accurate.


  1. Exactly my experience. A least three events, which I had firsthand knowledge of, and which made the news were so incorrectly reported that they were unrecognizable as the events I experienced. In one case, my husband was quoted making a very inflammatory comment; but he never spoke those words. I was sitting beside him at the time of the supposed remarks and knew he did not say this. Upon confronting the reporter who was RECORDING the event, I was able to get a retraction ..... buried so deep in the paper I am sure no one read it.

  2. We sat in on a Parliamentary session in Canberra years ago where there was a heated discussion. Later we all watched it on the news and couldn't believe how biased & skewed the report was - almpst in direct opposition to what we saw and heard. A good lesson for us at the time!


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