Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wedge Salad

Wedge Salad by Carole's Chatter

Before getting into blogging I had never seen or heard of Wedge Salads.  This is my version.

Obviously the base of the salad is an iceberg lettuce cut into wedges.  I then cut up into small pieces small amounts of:

Cornichons (little gherkins)
Bell pepper (capsicum)
Brussell sprout
Red onion
Green chilli

I strewed them across the top of the wedges (not very tidily) and then added salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Finally I drizzled on top 1 teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar (great stuff) and some Caesar dressing (not my own but Paul Newman's).

A sprinkle of herbs on top and it was done.  Pretty, easy and healthy.
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  1. Fresh and healthy, a perfect lunch for the warmer summer weather :)


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