Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Poached Eggs technique update

Poached Eggs: Carole's Chatter

You might recall that I sought some assistance from you on how to cook perfect poached eggs.  I thought I would share with you my latest (and so far best) experimental technique.

We keep our eggs in the fridge – I know this is not recommended but with just the two of us we don't get through 6 eggs very quickly.  So this time I took the eggs out of the fridge an hour or so before I wanted to cook them up and allowed them to come to room temperature.  I found that they poached much quicker as a result – duh, for not thinking of this before.

Poached eggs in measuring cups: Carole's Chatter

To poach them I used 2 of a set of metal measuring cups.  One of them I lined with baking paper that I had wetted and then scrunched up a bit which made it easier to work with. Not that it was that neatly lined as you can see! (Thanks Jamie for that tip!)

The other I buttered.

I put one egg into each cup.  In the meantime I had heated some water in a pot (enough water to clearly cover the measuring cups) until it was shimmery but not boiling.

I then lowered the cups into the water using some tongs so as not to burn myself.  And the cups sink and the eggs don't float out but just sit there – magic!

Poached Eggs: Carole's Chatter

After 3-4 minutes I took them out.  The egg in the baking paper came out like a charm but the buttered one didn't work quite so well.

So this is the way I'm going to keep on doing it for now.
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  1. Great tip! I just went thru a messy situation trying to do it with just buttered and yes, it was messy. I love it with the paper. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Interesting technique. I LOVE poached eggs!

  3. Interesting technique. I don't do good poached eggs, but my husband has the technique down. I like my centres runny so they make a lovely sauce for toast. And 6 eggs for 2 people? Easy. We only have 2 people at our house and we finish a tray of eggs every 2 weeks! An egg a day average is very easy for us. If I make a bacon and egg pie, I usually put 6 eggs in it.

  4. Interesting one, I never tried them like this before, but there are actually little steamers where one can put the egg in little cups and poach them like this....I of course prefer the traditional way with the hot water, but however one does the eggs, as long as one like the result, that is important.

    As for keeping the eggs in the fridge, it is a good way to do, most hotels and restaurants all over the world do it and even so our egg consumption is higher than yours, we always keep the eggs in the fridge

  5. I've not tried the buttered paper - I'll give that a go!

  6. I don't eat poached eggs, but my son, The Boy, looooves poached eggs. The thing is, I'm a complete klutz when it comes to poaching them. Thanks for the tips and thanks for linking.

  7. I must try this. First, to find some metal cups, then I will let you know how it worked for me.

  8. Great advice! I love poached eggs but am not that good at making them, so will definitely try this method.


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