Sunday, 26 June 2016

Now I wish I'd understood this as a child!

Slow Roasted Champagne Leg of Lamb

Carole's Chatter: Slow Roasted Champagne Leg of Lamb

This roast lamb was very tender but not as flavourful as I'm used to.  I couldn't decide whether that was because of the length of cooking or just the lamb itself.


Champagne leg of lamb – this means that the lamb shank end has a bone in but the rest of the leg has been deboned and rolled.

Sprigs of rosemary
Worcestershire Sauce (to add a hint of anchovy)
Buddha's Hand (lemon would be fine)
Garlic oil
Salt & Pepper
Sherry and water

I donned gloves and rubbed the lamb with some chopped rosemary, oil and zest together with the salt and pepper.

I popped it into a heavy roasting dish and sploshed in equal amounts of sherry and water.  I covered the dish with foil and roasted the lamb for 4 to 5 hours in a low oven.  I think I left it just a bit too long – 3 ½ hours would have been fine – I think it cooked more quickly because half of it had been boned.

I took it out to rest for 20 minutes while I cranked up the oven to do some oven chips – I gave the lamb a 10 minute blast with the foil off to get some colour going.

That was it.  Next time I'll be looking to infuse more flavour.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

I suspect there may be some Brits who are wishing for a rewind today

Saturday Potpourri

Carole's chatter: Monte Cecilia Park

The pic at the top of this post is of Monte Cecilia Park.  You may be wondering whether we were there on a weekday – but no it was on a holiday weekend – one of Auckland's largely unknown gems.

Talking of parks, they have finally planted replacement trees on One Tree Hill (which has in reality been no tree hill for several years). They did a dawn ceremony at which 9 young trees were planted – 6 pohutukawa trees and 3 totara trees – both are New Zealand natives.  They are going to wait and see which tree becomes dominant.  My guess will be a pohutukawa – they are incredibly hardy and will grow almost anywhere

I was watching an Antiques Roadshow recently and what did they have on but a Potpourri jar – so I had to put it into this Potpourri post.