Sunday, 20 April 2014

Wishing everyone a lovely Easter Sunday!

Broccoli Polonaise

Broccoli Polonaise by Carole's Chatter
As part of my seemingly never ending quest to make broccoli more interesting I tried doing it with a Polonaise sauce.  It was reasonably simple to make and did end up looking quite pretty so I'll probably do it again.
All that was involved was:
Lightly cook your broccoli – leaving quite a lot of the stem on
Hard boil link  some eggs – scoop the yolk out (reserve the whites for another use), and chop the yolk up.
Add salt, white pepper, and chopped parsley (keeping some aside for last minute garnish)
Sautee some breadcrumbs in butter.
Scatter your egg mix over the broccoli and pour over the breadcrumbs/butter.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

I sure used to be and I know someone who still is!



Honfleur - taken by Carole of Carole's Chatter

When visiting Honfleur in Normandy it is compulsory to take a picture across the little harbour in the middle of town.  I promise you – absolutely everyone does.  The pic up top is my own effort.
As you can see it is unbelievably picturesque – almost hurt your eyes beautiful.
It is worth visiting Normandy just to experience this.  But we also managed to get ourselves lost in the little old town and ended up driving down the weeniest streets (in a much too big rental car) and finding ourselves seemingly hopelessly enmeshed in a one way street system.  A little stressful but one way to see the old town I suppose.
According to Google Maps, Honfleur is a 2 hour drive west of Paris.  The town is full of restaurants – we chose one not right on the waterfront – trying to go for one frequented by locals and therefore less pricey.  One of the challenges for me in French restaurants is managing to avoid eating the bread (which is yummy) while waiting for you meal.  Kills the appetite.  I am not sure why bread before meals is so popular.
Au revoir!