Monday, 8 February 2016

I hope you find this encouraging too!

Fertility by Michael Illingworth

Another New Zealand artist for you today – Michael Illingworth.  I have no idea why this painting has this title but I love the colours and mystery of it.

My attention was drawn to this painting by New Zealand Art: From Cook to Contemporary.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Do offices still do dress down Fridays???

A Promising New Slow Cooker Technique

Carole's Chatter: A Promising New Slow Cooker Technique

I hope you enjoy hearing about a new slow cooker technique that I have used for the very first time.  I must have got the idea from somewhere but I can't remember where.

Not only did the dish cook well, the end result meant the slow cooker was as clean at the end of the cook as at the beginning.  No scraping off burned on bits.  Win win.

And it was simple – just put your ingredients into foil and make it into a loose package and then cook as per normal.

This dish used pre-marinated pork ribs – but you could use the technique with pretty much anything.