Sunday, 8 December 2019

Guess who?

Lemon Sauce to go with Salmon

We are trying to eat more fish – and that's where the need for a new sauce comes in.  I also unusually had some milk to use up.

The resulting sauce was pretty simple to make and ended up working well with the salmon – although a bit more delicate in flavour than I expected.


125 ml Milk
12 ½ g butter
12 ½ g flour
Juice of half a lemon
Lashings of black pepper


The recipe I adapted cooked this sauce in a microwave. I used a pot (plus a jug to heat the milk in)

Melt your butter

Whisk in the flour

Heat your milk (not boil) – I did this in the microwave

Add a couple of spoonfuls and whisk so there are no lumps.  Add the rest of the milk bit by bit.

When you are happy with the texture of the sauce, take it off the heat (I had to add a bit more milk)

Add your lemon juice and black pepper and you are done.