Wednesday, 20 November 2019

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

I got this one because I really enjoyed The Garden of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman – it's on my Top 20 list

This book is funny, modern and relevant.  It doesn't quite make it to Top 20 but I can safely recommend it to everyone – not just book lovers.

The main character Nina is an introvert – happiest when on her own reading.  She is also uber organised and a fountain of trivia.

Life happens and she ends up having to deal with a new family, a crisis at her work (a bookshop) and a possible boyfriend.

The author's voice is clear and out and out funny.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

the peasants are revolting... used to love this strip

Lychees with Mascarpone Cream

Fresh lychees are worth it.  The canned ones are just a shadow of the fresh ones.

So if you see these little beauties at your greengrocers, pick up some and give them a go.

They are a bit fiddly to prepare.  First you have to peel off the tough pink outer skin.  Then you have to remove the smooth hard stone in the middle.  I got some right so that they curled back together and looked nice and others fell apart a bit.  But it all tasted nice.

I served them freshly peeled with a dollop of mascarpone cream.  That is equal quantities of mascarpone and double cream just stirred together.  I also put a few basil leaves along with some peel on the plate for a pop of colour.