Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Vanilla Sugar (The Fast Way)

A rice pudding ingredient called for 'a sachet of vanilla sugar'.  Not something available at the supermarket I usually go to.  And when I checked how to make it almost all the recipes needed at least a week!  And I didn't have a week.

So I made some fast Vanilla Sugar – and it worked!  I got a vanilla bean and split it in half and scraped the seeds out and then chopped the outside into chunks.  I got 1/3 cup or so of sugar and then just put the seeds and other bits of the vanilla bean into it together in a small jar and shook it.  Half an hour later the sugar did taste of vanilla – all you had to do was sieve out the big pieces of vanilla before using the sugar.  And of course the remaining vanilla sugar that I didn't use for the recipe will just keep right on improving.


  1. I used to keep a vanilla bean in all my sugar canisters. I need to go to the health food store and buy a few. They have become very expensive, though!


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