Sunday, 9 December 2018

Bacon Wrapped Dates for a street party

We have an annual street party at the beginning of December – which is summer here.  For the last few years my contributions have not been all that successful.  So this year I decided to figure it out.

These Bacon Wrapped Dates had only three ingredients – but one was bacon – and were scoffed up in a satisfying way.

The three ingredients:

Dates – mine had been pitted
Bacon – thin rindless sort
Goat's cheese

Ok – to make them make a cut in each date and fill the date with a bit of goat's cheese.  Push the date back together.

Wrap each date in bacon – about a third of a rasher should do it.  Secure with a toothpick (put it through the meat not the fat of the bacon).

Bake for 10 minutes in a hottish oven, turn them over using the toothpicks and take them out when they are golden – about 5 minutes did mine.

The result is a scrumptious melding of sweet, salty and smoky.  Irresistible.

I put together the dish the day before and just put it into the fridge (not cooked) on baking paper in an oven dish.  I then just whipped it out to warm up at the same time as the oven was heating.  Very stress free.


  1. My Ex and I would make these using water chestnuts or large Olives! We would broil them...just because I like my bacon crispy! Thanks for the idea of dates!


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