Saturday, 10 February 2018

A Wonderful Trip Down Memory Lane – Anne of Green Gables

I have re-read books from my girlhood before but usually come up disappointed.  But this one worked for me.  Sure it is a book of its time – early 1900's.  When I read it the first time I had no idea it was set in Canada!

The central character is very special.  No caricature here but a finely wrought character with a very special spirit.

If you would like to revisit this one, do let me know what you think.  I found it a gentle and enjoyable read.  The author really knew how to show you the character of people.  The descriptions of nature were a little overblown to my eyes but they were quite balanced out by the people and the story.  Warning – some bits are quite sad.

What other classics for children do you think will bear a re-read?


  1. One of my all time favorites, Carole! LM Montgomery’s diaries are quite interesting too.

  2. Never read this. I should try it though!

  3. My girls read all the Anne books then her Rilla & Emily series but apart from the first Anne book it wasn't until last year that I actually read the others & enjoyed them very much. If you haven't already read them, Mary Grant Bruce's Billabong books have a similar feel in some ways but are set in Australia.

  4. I enjoyed listening to the audio version of this novel.

    I even hear there is major tourism on Prince Edward Island in Canada to see the sites associated with Anne of Green Gables if you like that literary tourism sort of thing.

  5. I have only read Anne of Green Gables as an adult. I'm sure there is a lot I missed because I didn't read it as a child but then - I didn't grow up with English, so it wasn't exactly on top of the list everywhere.

    I think my favourite re-read of childhood books (even though I only read them as an adult, too) would be Little Women.

    Thanks for this. Happy reading!


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