Saturday, 1 July 2017

Canadian province – Nova Scotia

This is part of a series going through the 10 Provinces of Canada in alphabetical order to check out how they got named, what their flag is like and other things of interest. 


Origin of name – Nova Scotia is New Scotland in Latin

Nicknames – The Land of Evangeline (with reference to Longfellow's epic poem), Canada's Ocean Playground


Capital – Halifax – which was where a huge explosion in 1917 killed over 2000 people in the City.  Two ships collided in the harbour – one was carrying munitions – it was during WWI. Halifax was named after the 2nd Earl of Halifax

Flower – Mayflower

Tree Red Spruce

Signature foods – Seawater Lobster, Hodge Podge (creamy soup of fresh baby vegetables)

Famous places to visit – Peggy's Cove, Sambro Island Lighthouse, Crystal Crescent (beach)

Famous businesses/brands – Cunard Line, Fuller Brush company

Famous people from Nova Scotia – Denny Doherty (Mamas & Papas), Anne Murray, Brian Ahern (music producer, married Emmylou Harris in 1977


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