Saturday, 17 June 2017

Monkeys and Gibraltar

You'll find the only wild monkey colony in continental Europe in Gibraltar.  The monkeys are Barbary Macaques.

You are not allowed to feed the monkeys – this is an offence punishable by fine.

The English looked after these monkeys very well because the legend is that as long as there are monkeys, the British control of Gibraltar will continue.

In fact, it is said that during the war Winston Churchill ordered that the numbers be immediately replenished since at that stage there were only 7 left.

There are now about 300 of these cheeky monkeys on the rock.

If you visit Gibraltar you are advised to keep a very close watch on your bags/wallets – these monkeys have learned how to undo zips!

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  1. I didn't know the legend about the monkeys insuring English rule! I have only seen Gibraltar from the cost of Spain when I was traveling there's in that time, you couldn't cross to Gibraltar from Spain and I really wanted to visit. We would of had to go from England at that time.


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