Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Potato Skins Reprised

Carole's Chatter: Potato Skins

This is my attempt at doing Potato Skins.  I would love to hear about how you do it.


3 baking potatoes (I used Agria)
Cos lettuce
Oil – canola in my case
Crème fraiche (about ½ a little tub)
Mayonnaise – about half of the crème fraiche quantity
Smallish amount of blue vein cheese
Tablespoon of Dijon mustard
Tabasco sauce to taste
Chopped parsley for garnish


Scrub your potatoes and bake them whole in a medium oven until cooked.

When they have cooled enough for you to handle, cut the potatoes in half longitudinally and scoop out the cooked potato with a teaspoon trying not to pierce the skin – leaving a little potato on the skin is ok (and in fact my better half preferred to have some on the skin).

Keep the potato for making something else.

Put the potato skins back into the oven after drizzling them with a little oil.  Cook for another 20 minutes or so until they crisp up and are firm – I used my fan bake function for this.

While they are cooking prepare your dressing for the lettuce – which is simply that you mix up the crème fraiche, mayonnaise, crumbled blue cheese, mustard and tabasco with a spoon.  If you feel the dressing is too thick you can add a wee splash of water to loosen it up a tad.

Prepare your lettuce by tearing it up into smallish pieces – doing it with a knife would be fine too.  Chop up a small amount of fresh herbs – I used Italian parsley.

Cut your bacon/pancetta into smallish pieces and crisp them up in the oven while your potato skins are finishing off.

Now it's just an assembly job.  Put the potato skins on a plate, pop some bacon in each one.  Mix your dressing through the lettuce and spoon the dressed lettuce into each potato skin.  Sprinkle each with some chopped herb and some paprika (which I forgot).

The result is very tasty – and best of all can be eaten quite easily and neatly just with your fingers!  Would be a good thing to take to a party.


  1. I love potato skins! We usually save the skins after having baked potatoes. The next day I heat them up in the oven and serve them with butter, sour cream and grated cheese topped with bacon bits! Yummy!

  2. Those look good, that is party food there!

  3. YUM! Thanks for this recipe, Carole. It looks terrific - a great party appetizer.

  4. These look like a nice alternative to the bacon and cheddar cheese loaded skins I frequently see around here.


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