Monday, 14 November 2016

State of the Month – Florida

Here is the next instalment of my monthly feature going through the States of the United States in alphabetical order to check out how they got named, what their flag is like and other things of interest. 

Location bordered to the north by Alabama and Georgia but otherwise bordered by sea.  Over 20 million people live in Florida.  Most of them within 10 miles of the coast.

Origin of name – comes from a Spanish word meaning 'flowery'

Nicknames – The Sunshine State – while having long hours of sunshine, Florida also gets tornado's and hurricanes.


Capital – Tallahassee but Miami is a much bigger city.  As well as large cities, there are also small towns like Vernon (named after Mount Vernon).

Flower – Orange blossom

State Tree – Sabal Palm

Signature foods – Key Lime Pie

Famous places to visit – Walt Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Fort Lauderdale Beach and, of course, the Everglades and Florida Keys.  Florida also has the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the US.

Famous businesses/brands – 16 of the Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Florida including Burger King, Tupperware and Office Depot.

Famous people from Florida –Faye Dunaway, Pat Boone, Johnny Depp, Ariana Grande, Sidney Poitier (of To Sir with Love fame), Debbie Harry and Chris Evert.

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  1. Places to visit you have to mention St. Augustine. It's the oldest continuously inhabited city in the nation and its beautiful.


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