Saturday, 19 November 2016

Saturday Potpourri

This is a Pohutukawa tree decoration – Pohutukawa's are sometimes known as New Zealand's Christmas tree because they come into bloom around Christmas time with beautiful red flowers.

Sausage Sizzles are a Kiwi institution.  Outside many large format stores you will find charity groups grilling sausages on a barbecue.  This is not fancy food – it's a sausage plonked on a piece of white bread (sometimes with onions) and slathered with tomato sauce.  Very hard to resist with the smells wafting from the grill as you walk by.

Starlings in the Roof – we currently have what sounds like a shedload of starlings in our roof – in fact, it's probably just one nest – but, boy, do they squawk!  We are waiting for them to fly the nest before sealing up the hole just above the gutter which they used to get in.

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