Saturday, 24 September 2016

Saturday Potpourri – today's theme is Birds

As unlikely as it sounds The Bar-Tailed Godwit was named last year's New Zealand Bird of the Year in the annual Forest & Bird process.  There were even allegations of voting shinnanigans!  If you follow the link you'll see the other birds in the competition – many of them look better to me!

For a bird of another kind - Bird of Paradise plant – fabulously dramatic plants that grow like weeds in my garden

The Birds and the Byrds are both bands – The Birds were a 1960's UK rhythm and blues band – they only lasted about 3 years but did have some famous members including Ronnie Wood who went on to the Rolling Stones!  Around the same time the US rock group The Byrds were much more successful – their cover of Mr Tambourine Man being a real hit.  Gram Parsons joined the band which then did country rock.

Finishing with the birds and the bees in the modern age

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