Sunday, 25 September 2016

Curried Sausages with Sultanas & Cherries

First of all, I must apologise for the pic – it isn't mine – but looks very similar.  I did take pictures but the memory card got wiped by accident and so I lost them.  Luckily all the other pics on the card had been uploaded already – so it wasn't a total disaster.  It has decided me to take back up pics on my phone as well from now on.

So back to the Curried Sausages with Sultanas & Cherries.  This version ended up pretty spicy so you might want to be a little lighter handed with the curry powder than I was.


3 cooked pork sausages, cut into rounds
1 potato, cut into similar sized pieces and pre-cooked for a couple of minutes
Ham stock plus a chicken stock cube – about 2 cups worth
½ glass of white wine – optional (I had some sauvignon to get rid of)
Dried sour cherries – 5-7 (if you put too many in the curry will get sour)
Sultanas – 10-12
Curry powder – a tablespoon or so
Baby leek – sliced (you could use onion instead)
Mustard powder – a teaspoon
Turmeric and ground ginger – a sprinkling of each
Salt & pepper
Cornflour – about a heaped teaspoon
Parsley - chopped


Put everything but the cornflour and the parsley into a pot and bring to a simmer.  Add your cornflour after diluting it in a little cold water.

Simmer until the flavours have melded and the potato is cooked.  Add the chopped parsley just before serving.


  1. I love a good curry. Have never tried it with pork sausages, though. Must give it a try.

  2. Now this sounds intriguing. Think I have some pork sausages to use up.

  3. I've never cooked with (or probably never eaten) dried sour cherries! My mother used to make curried sausages when we were kids, but I haven't had it in years- hers had boiled eggs in it which I always liked.

  4. Yes, interesting. I would not have thought to do a curry with pork sausages. Did you like the way it turned out, aside from the heat?

    1. Claudia, curried sausages are a common dish here - some people add sliced apples - I prefer a simpler approach. Give it a go - you can use any curry powder you enjoy. Cheers

  5. Sometimes you an find curried Whole Foods here in north Florida. That sounds a little too spicy for me but I can always adapt, tone it down. Nice meal!

  6. I had never heard of sultana until a book I just finished reading last week. Funny! Just googled and a grape, huh! Yum.


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