Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Brown Sauce

Carolel's Chatter: Brown Sauce

I was wondering what to make when I stumbled across a recipe for Brown Sauce in the local rag.  And it looked like it could be good.  I had all the ingredients on hand so I gave it a go.


3 American Mustard
3 Tomato Sauce/Ketchup
1 Honey
½ Hot sauce (Tabasco)
1 Worcestershire sauce
1 apple cider vinegar
(the numbers are just to give you the ratio between the ingredients that I used)


It's easy just put all the ingredients into a bowl and whisk until smooth.  My honey was hard so I did melt it a bit in the microwave first. 

It came up a nice smooth brown colour.  And it was piquant.  Perfect with all sorts of things – sausages, chops, steak….


  1. Hmmm, it certainly sounds like it is full of flavor! I will have to give it a try!

  2. Ham and cheese toasties are one of my favorite lunches, albeit without the brown sauce, which does sound good.


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