Sunday, 14 February 2016

Beef Sausages with a Chilli Cherry Plum Sauce

Carole's Chatter: Beef Sausages with a Chilli Cherry Plum Sauce

This Chilli Cherry Plum Sauce went very well with some good beef sausages.  It will come as no surprise that the sauce was inspired by what was on hand.

The sauce was made by simmering the following until a nice saucy consistency was reached – no more than 10 minutes.

Chopped up red chilli to taste
Fresh pitted plums
Cup or so of Sour Cherry Nectar
Brown Sugar (to taste but you need enough to allow the sauce to thicken)
Salt or Fish Sauce
White ground pepper
Some grated ginger
Cayenne Pepper to taste (I started with ¼ tsp)

I meant to add a dollop of sour cream right before serving but forgot and the sauce was fine without it.


  1. I like how you experiment with whatever's on hand! Now I'm craving sausages . . .

  2. Looks good. It's a great talent to be able to put together great food with whatever you have on hand.

  3. I had to stop and think it through when I saw plums + cherries + chilis. Mmm, I think that could be very, very good. I'm copying your recipe so I can try it out. I also like to experiment with food as you saw with my root beer pulled pork. I like your idea of using ginger beer. Good luck.

  4. Mmm... Love the creativity and the combination of spicy and sweet in your sauce! ;-)
    Deb from Kahakai Kitchen

  5. This looks like a really good combo for sausages.

  6. Using up what's in your kitchen is always a good idea, especially if the flavors go this well together!

    best... mae at

  7. We had sausage last night. Pity I didn't see your post before.

  8. I like a sweet-tart combination, too!


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