Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Beery Ham

Carole's Chatter: Beery Ham

I hope you enjoy my Beery Ham – so called because the ham and glaze are cooked with a bottle of beer (or rather the contents of the bottle!) in the bottom of the roasting pan.

To make removing the skin from the ham easier I warmed it in a low oven for about half an hour.

To avoid lots of mess to clean up I suggest you line the roasting dish with baking paper – apologies to my better half for not thinking of this.

While the ham is warming, prepare your glaze.  I used a mix of horseradish sauce, mustard (whole grain because the mustard powder I would have used turned out to be mouldy), brown sugar, a teaspoon or so of ground cloves, brandy and honey.  It's the sugars that give the glaze a good colour so don't skimp on them.

After removing the skin gently, score the fat also gently because you don't want to cut right through to the meat.  Stud each diamond of fat with a whole clove.

Place the ham back into the oven on low for an hour with the beer around it – I used a lager.

Then paint on your glaze – and keep on painting it every 10 minutes or so until the glaze is golden and sticky. 

You need to cook the ham for long enough so it is nice and warm right through.  It won't take as long if you let the ham come up to room temperature before you started.

PS  Have now put in my own photo - forgot to download it!

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