Monday, 12 October 2015

Peggy Sue – Buddy Holly & The Crickets

If you knew Peggy Sue
Then you'd know why I feel blue
About Peggy, 'bout Peggy Sue
Oh well, I love you, gal
Yes, I love you Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue
Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, Peggy Sue
Oh, my Peggy, my Peggy Sue
Oh, well, I love you gal
And I need you, Peggy Sue

Buddy Holly is, of course, iconic – and not just because he died young.  Peggy Sue is one of his catchy hits.  It was originally titled 'Cindy Lou' after Buddy's baby niece but was later renamed in honour of the drummer's wife.  (And it has a better ring to it anyway)

As you have seen, the lyrics are not exactly intellectual!  But the song had such energy and a great hook so the lyrics didn't matter so much.

Here is a YouTube clip of the song recorded in 1958 – not great quality and no video but original.

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  1. I went to college in Lubbock, TX which was Buddy's home town. I even got to meet the real Peggy Sue!

    Kate @ Ex Libris


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