Monday, 12 May 2014

Buddy Holly

I just love Buddy Holly and his music!  It is, of course, hard to know what his career would have been like if it hadn't ended so tragically early.  Talk about a candle burning brightly – he was popular for just 16 months before being killed in that small plane crash at the age of 22. (And as you will all know, we lost Richie Valens and the Big Bopper too in that same crash)
To find out a bit more about him I read a biography by Philip Norman.
Buddy was a Texas boy through and through.  His surname was actually Holley but on his first recording contract his name had a typo and appeared as 'Holly' so that is how it stayed!
He didn't wear those glasses as an affectation.  In fact his sight was so bad that he fit in the definition of being legally blind.
Buddy wasn't just a great singer, he was also an accomplished song writer and a very gifted guitar player.
Buddy didn't just tour in the US – he also toured the UK and Australia.  Unknown to many of his fans Buddy had married and at the time of his death his wife was expecting their first child – sadly she lost it. 
Many of his biggest hits were released posthumously.
I am not going to dignify his dreadful manager by even mentioning him!

So my favourite tracks by Buddy Holly include: 

That'll be the Day
Oh Boy
Rave On
True Love Ways
I'm Gonna Love You Too
It's So Easy
Peggy Sue


  1. Bobby and I visited the Buddy Holly museum in Lubbock, TX last December. A small little museum but lots of interesting information. What a short and wonderful career!


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