Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bermuda – truly a fantastic place to visit


I am largely going to let the photos of Bermuda speak for themselves.   

There are, of course, many beautiful places but Bermuda is pretty hard to beat.  Some of the photos come from a fab book I bought there called Picturesque Bermuda with photographs by the talented Roland Skinner. 

For this post I have chosen to focus on the shoreline and beaches and the distinctive architecture – including moon gates.  Moon gates are originally Chinese in origin but were brought to Bermuda in the late 19th century.  In Bermuda you will find free standing Moon Gates.  It is thought to be lucky for newlyweds to step through a moon gate together.  Certainly a romantic notion! 

A typical Bermudan house is made of stone (including the roof).  The roof is constructed in a stepped design so that it efficiently collects rain water which is the main source of water in Bermuda.  You even see bus stops with water collecting roofs. 

The roof will be painted white and the walls will be a pretty pastel colour.


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  1. i LOVE bermuda! the moon gate you show is from elbow beach. that is my favorite place to stay!


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