Sunday, 2 February 2014

Saffron Coconut Rice

Saffron Coconut Rice by Carole's Chatter

First I decided to make saffron coconut rice and then I decided to just wing it rather than looking for a recipe.  So all things considered it turned out pretty well.  The end result was a bit rich so next time I'd either use coconut milk rather than coconut cream or dilute the coconut cream with some water.

What I did was put 1 can of coconut cream, the same can filled with water and then filled with rice into a pot together with salt, saffron, turmeric and lemon zest.

I made a cartouche – fancy name for a bit of baking paper that fits on top of the liquid in the pot.  I make mine by folding the paper over and over and then cutting it out in a rough circle the size of the pot lid.

So pop your cartouche on top, put the lid on and boil it for 20 minutes or until the liquid has all absorbed into the rice.  It's better not to lift the lid so it is handy if your pot lid is a see through one.
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