Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Stuffed Pork Loin – a Joint fit for a King!


Sorry, I got a bit carried away with the title for this post.  But this loin of pork was by far the most expensive piece of meat I have bought for a very long time!  Luckily I didn't ruin it.

The night before I macerated some dried apricots and some raisins in sherry overnight.  When I came to make the stuffing I drained the apricots and raisins but I didn't throw the liquid away.  I kept it to add to the gravy later.
I added some chopped nuts (in this case brazil nuts), an egg, some milk and breadcrumbs, salt and pepper and some chopped parsley.  I also added a little finely diced and lightly cooked onion and one clove of garlic.  You need to cool the onion and garlic in the fridge before adding them to the stuffing otherwise you run the risk of the egg cooking.


You spread the stuffing onto the underside of the loin and then roll it up and tie it up with string – in an ideal world your tying up would be nice and neat – but as you can see mine was a bit haphazard.


I rubbed salt and oil over the skin and then browned the pork loin on the stove first – I'm not sure you need to bother with this – if it hadn't been so expensive I would have just bunged it into the oven. (and then I would have cooked it on high for 20 minutes and then turn the oven down to medium)
Then I roasted it in a medium oven until it was cooked – to check that I used my trusty meat thermometer.  I took it out at 75 degrees Celsius (165 F) which is just a tad under the recommended temperature.  But I have found that the temperature does rise a degree or 2 while the meat is resting.
You do need a very sharp knife to carve this.  It was yummy – particularly that delicious but oh so naughty crackling.

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  1. Oh wow, I love this and I'm wishing I had a piece right now! Thank you so much for the récipe, it sounds amazing! Thank you so much for your visit and yes, that is a liquor trolley, hubby's very own to serve to his guests when they come to dinner. Hugs,


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