Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Useful Kitchen Gadget – Meat thermometer

Do you use a meat thermometer to check when meat is cooked? As you may have gathered I am not a big gadget person (at least not as in kitchen gadgets!). So although I know you can get electronic thermometers including ones that can be stuck into the meat while it is cooking in your oven, I just use a simple (and cheap) one – a bit like the one above. Mine is in Celsius but many countries, of course, use Farenheit.

It is important to test the meat at its thickest part and in the centre because that will be the last to cook. I also take it out about 2 or so degrees before the temperature on the side of the thermometer because while the meat is resting with a bit of foil on top, it will gain that last little bit.


  1. Having got to know my oven and the size of meat I normally cook - have never bothered with this particular gadget. Know plenty of folks who wouldn't do without one though.

  2. I have the same type of thermometer too :) It gets the job done!

  3. I'm digital all the way. I work in food safety and wouldn't be without one. Don't bother with some meats but chicken is a must for me. Also prevents me overcooking it bizarrely because I find my oven is on the hot side, the normal cooking instructions leave it dry but I can cut 15-20 minutes off and still achieve a cook I know (scientifically) to be safe.

  4. I love my meat thermometer. I mainly use mine when I have a big piece of meat to cook that I just want to make sure is done. (turkey, roast, etc)

    I have a digital one for my slow cooker but prefer the one that is like in the picture.

  5. Can't imagine my kitchen without one. I use it with pork and chicken.

    I also have another one that I use for water when cooking with yeast and when making candy. I kept breaking the one in glass, so hubby bought me a fancy one with a battery and digital readout. well worth the cost.


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