Saturday, 8 June 2013

St Thomas –an island in the Caribbean

St Thomas US Virgin Islands

As part of a week-long Caribbean cruise I got to visit the island of St Thomas.  I would love to go back although it is such a long way from New Zealand.

It is part of the US Virgin Islands.  It was originally a Dutch colony but was purchased by the US in 1917.

St Thomas US Virgin Islands

It is the only place under US rule where you get to drive on the left – like we do here in New Zealand.

Blackbeard's Castle, St Thomas US Virgin Islands

I went to see Blackbeard's castle – which is named after an (in)famous pirate who used it as a lookout.  He came to a sticky end at the hands of US troops in 1718.

St Thomas US Virgin Islands

The only downside of visiting is the inundation of cruisers – yes, I know, I was one of them…

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  1. Looks like such a beautiful place! I hope I can visit one day.

  2. We honeymooned in St. Thomas! We weren't able to see or do much due to a tropical storm, but we found it gorgeous and would love to visit again, just not during hurricane season! :)

  3. I can see St. Thomas from my property on Vieques island in Puerto Rico and can even see the buildings on a clear day and the lights at night. I also can see the lights on the planes as they fly out of St. Thomas. Vieques is much different than St. Thomas other than the climate is the same. I have enjoyed my visits to St. Thomas as well as St. Croix. I am planning to move back to the states in the future and will miss the great views of the Caribbean from my property. Hope you enjoyed your visit.


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