Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Useful kitchen gadget – jam funnel

I promise I am not going to bore you with going through every gadget I use.  I have already gone on about my jar key, canopener and microplane!  

Today's post is on my jam funnel.  Now, obviously this will only be of interest to you if you make jam or jelly.  It will also be useful for chutneys etc as well as in pickling and preserving.

This is what it looks like.

You can also get plastic ones like this.

 Before I had one of these, I was always spilling hot jam down the sides of the jars when filling them – which I then had to get off.  Now no more mess.  Great.


  1. Not boring me with kitchen gadgets, I love kitchen stuff! Cool funnel! I have that jar key you mentioned, works like a charm!

  2. I LOVE my jam funnel. It makes jam making so much less messy - no more sticky jars !!


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