Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Movies to re-watch sometime – Part VII

My Fair Lady – 1964 – oh, ok, this is really nostalgia running riot.  But great songs and Audrey Hepburn – although she isn’t the one singing.

The Poseidon Adventure – 1972 – One of the best disaster movies from the 70’s.  I liked the way you had to think about a liner upside down.  Finally they emerge, to the sound of “The Morning After” which became a hit for Maureen McGovern although she didn’t sing it in the movie.

Pretty Woman –1990 - yes, another feelgood formulaic movie – but it’s well done.  And the rich callous guy turns out to have a heart … if not, much judgment.  Julia not very credible as a prostitute, but certainly pretty.

Real Women Have Curves – 2002 – low budget Mexican/American gem.  A comedy but not sentimental.

Shirley Valentine – 1989 – when I first saw this I was struck that the audience clapped at the end – not common in my experience.  Fantastic performance by Pauline Collins.  Hilarious.  A must see.

Sleepless in Seattle – 1993 – great soundtrack.  Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan – aw, how cute.  All about the sort of love you can only find in the world of the movies.

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