Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Movies to re-watch sometime – Part III

The Blues Brothers – 1980 – the movie broke the world record for numbers of cars crashed.  Great cast.  Great music.

Cabaret – 1972 - A tour de force by Liza Minelli.  Set in 1930 Berlin.  Great classic musical.  Won 8 Oscars.

Calendar Girls – 2003 – delightful British movie with a good cast.  Feel good but not too soppy.  Based on a true story.  Whimsical little movie.

The Castle – 1997 – a low budget Aussie movie that managed some of the funniest lines ever done.  The lead character Darryl Kerrigan is an absolute gem.  And lawyers in particular will get “the vibe”.

Cinema Paradiso – 1988 – warning – has subtitles.  A simple but oh so stylish movie.

Here are links to the other parts in this series:

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