Sunday, 11 November 2018

Pork Ragu with Ravioli

Carole's Chatter: Pork ragu with Ravioli

This dish was inspired by having some ground pork – and not much else.  It worked out fine on the day but was better the next day.  I should start making a day ahead – it always seems to taste better.


Garlic oil/oil
Ground pork
Chopped Tomatoes in puree (or passata)
Salt & pepper
White wine
Parsley/coriander garnish
Shaved parmesan
Store bought ravioli (bacon & mozzarella)

Next day additions Рlight soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce & cr̬me fraiche.


Put your oil in a large pan
Add your chopped onion and fry it off
Add your pork mince.
Cook for quite a while and then add your tomatoes. 
Season with salt & pepper
Pour in the white wine – I used almost a quarter of a bottle

Let it cook away slowly for a couple of hours.  Taste and if you think it is a bit acidic then add a little ketchup (tomato sauce).

Cook the store bought ravioli.  Note if the one I bought hadn't included any bacon I would have added some to the ragu at the same time as the onion.

Serve the ragu and ravioli with a garnish of chopped herbs and some shave parmesan cheese.

Note – the next day I added a few more ingredients (see above) and the result was better tasting in my view.


  1. It looks like a very tasty dish! ;-)

  2. Gosh, we are on a real ravioli roll here between you and Beth. I do think this would be a fine dinner, and agree, the next day things are often improved.

  3. My family all love ravioli - this sounds interesting

  4. Interesting that it tastes better the next day. Sometimes pasta doesn't reheat that well

  5. Hahaha -- this was a ravioli week!


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