Sunday, 11 March 2018

One Pot Coconut Chicken

Carole's Chatter: One Pot Coconut Chicken

I'm a bit of a fan of one pot dishes – not just because of the reduction in pots but also because of the melding of flavours that can result.

This one pot dish is not like a stew or casserole.  It is more of a layered dish where the things on the bottom braise and the ones on the top roast while the steam also keeps them moist.


Chicken Thighs
Small can of coconut cream
Chicken stock
Fish sauce and pepper
Chinese cooking wine
Chilli oil
Lemon juice
Sliced potatoes, carrot and onion


Oil your casserole dish.  Mine is a stainless steel one but most sorts would work well.

Layer up your vegetables starting with the potatoes then the onion and then the carrot.  Season each layer with pepper.

Put your chicken thighs on top.

Pour the coconut cream around the chicken and then the chicken stock, cooking wine, turmeric and chilli oil.  Add a squeeze of lemon juice and splashes of fish sauce.

Cook in a moderate oven with the lid on until the chicken is done and the potatoes are tender.  This takes about an hour.

The end result was tasty but not as coconutty as I had expected.  A little more coconut cream or milk might be in order.

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