Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Layered Tuna Salad Again!

Carole's Chatter: Layered Tuna Salad Again!

This Layered Tuna Salad was fun to plan and put together – and tasted fab too! A win win!

I think this is the first dish I had to plan out on paper before starting!

These were the layers – starting from the bottom of the salad and working the way up to the top.  I seasoned each layer as I went. 

Layer 1 – this was the thickest layer – a bed of lettuce broken up into bite sized pieces – it would have also been good shredded.

Layer 2 – a red and crunchy layer made up of chopped red bell pepper (capsicum) and radish.

Layer 3 – green and crunchy chopped cornichons (little pickled cucumbers) that would be nice next to the tuna.

Layer 4 – one can of tuna, drained of its water 

Layer 5 – a seasoning layer with alternating dobs of mayonnaise and chilli capsicum jelly along with a small amount of finely chopped red onion.

Layer 6 – Slices of perfectly ripe avocado (which had a squeeze of lemon juice over them to keep the colour bright green)

Layer 7 – A yellow layer of corn kernels (pre-cooked) and chopped yellow bell pepper (capsicum)

Layer 8 – A final red layer around the edges of the top, letting some of the yellow layer show on top of tomato and finely chopped fresh red chilli.

Once I had planned the layers I prepped all the ingredients before assembling the salad.  I have an admission to make – I tried to make sure 2 sides of the salad and the top looked pretty but didn't worry too much about the bits that wouldn't show in a photo!

Just before serving add a splash of your favourite salad dressing on top – you don't need too much because of the mayo layer.  I used a Caesar dressing.  It is really important to season each layer as you go – particularly the avocado one.


  1. Will definitely make this - looks so yummy! Will probably make it before I get the great summer tomatoes - but I can just imagine it as the perfect summer potluck dish! Thanks, Carole!

  2. Can't wait for summer tomatoes, this looks great. A good dish to bring to a party.


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