Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Carrot & Ginger Soup – for when the weather is cool

Just pop all the ingredients (except the garnish) into your crockpot (you could also do this in a pot).  Here's what I used: 

Coconut water – about a cupful
A knob of fresh ginger (peeled) and some powdered ginger too
3 carrots – sliced
1 parsnip – sliced
1 small potato - cubed
Coconut milk – small tin
Water to cover the vegetables
Chilli flakes to taste
Pinch of lemon zest
Salt and white pepper to taste
Tablespoon of coconut flour (you could omit this and just rely on the potato for thickening)
1 teaspoon of garlic infused olive oil (watch out – this stuff's potent!) 

Cook on high for 4 hours or on low for about 8.  Let the soup cool a little before pureeing it.  Serve with a garnish.  Coriander would have been perfect but I used some slices of green chilli which is what I had to hand.

I won't bore you with what eating Low FODMAP is all about – you can always Google it.  But for those of us who want to eat that way this is a soup that is low FODMAP.

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  1. I love soups and could live on soups and salads and sandwiches!


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