Monday, 27 November 2017


This month's quiz is about Music – hope you do well.  As always if you highlight the line under each question you will see the answer.

1             Who recorded 'Rubber Soul'?
The Beatles

2             Who recorded 'The Dark Side of the Moon'?
Pink Floyd

3             Who recorded 'Blue Hawaii'?

4             Which ABBA album had a French title?

5             Who recorded 'Brothers in Arms'?
Dire Straits

6             'Rumours' spent over 400 weeks on the album chart for whom?
Fleetwood Mac

7             'Red, Red Wine' was the 1st No 1 for which group?

8             Which song gave Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman a No 1 in 2001?
'Something Stupid'

9             'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' was the first Top Ten hit for which group?

10          Who sang 'Like a Virgin'?

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  1. That was fun...and I cant believe I got all ten.. Does that mean Im a music genius...or am I just old?
    Phoebe x


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