Sunday, 6 August 2017

Ham & Tofu Noodles – Japanese Style

Carole's Chatter: Ham & Tofu Noodles - Japanese Style

I hope you are not over my current obsession with Japanese flavours.  I encourage you to give it a go.  If you haven't tried them before you might be surprised how easy and tasty the dishes (so long as you have 3-4 basic Japanese ingredients like mirin, soy sauce and sake).


Ham – leftover sliced
Tiny bit of chorizo finely chopped
Tofu – firm
Noodles (fresh)
Vegetable oil

For the sauce:

1/3 cup miso
1 egg yolk
2 tblsp sake
2 tblsp mirin
3 tblsp dashi stock
Grated ginger


Take the tofu out of the packet and leave to drain on some kitchen paper with something heavy on top.

Cut the tofu when it has drained into squares.

Fry the tofu in the oil until it is a bit browned.  Put to one side.

Then fry the batons of ginger, ham and chorizo – add the noodles now if they are fresh.  After a minute or 3 add some soy sauce to taste – not too much because both the ham and the chorizo will add salty flavour.

While the noodles etc are cooking make your miso sauce.  See below.

Add back the tofu and serve with the sauce poured over the top.  Initially I tried to be fancy and just glaze the tofu but I didn't think that gave enough depth of flavour.

Miso sauce:

Miso is not good if it is boiled so this sauce is done as a double boiler – I just put one saucepan on top of another which has a bit of boiling water in the bottom.

Gently warm all the sauce ingredients.  To make up the miso stock either use an instant sachet or dissolve a spoonful of miso paste in some water.  Add your grated ginger towards the end.  And then add your dashi very gradually.  The sauce should be thick and glossy.

Verdict – very tasty and quick.


  1. Sounds pretty good. Do you also eat out at Japanese restaurants?

  2. I have never quite developed a taste for Japanese food especially miso-I do love Vietnamese food!

  3. I could never get tired of Japanese food!

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