Monday, 24 July 2017

Street Art Murals

I thought I'd show you a selection of street art murals today.  I think it is great that art can be so accessible.  Too many galleries are too high falutin' by half.

The pic at the top is cute and quirky.  I love how the girl is watering the tree.  It is called The Legend of Giants and was done by a Polish artist Natalia Rak.

This huge mural depicting someone working on a quilt can be found in Pittsburgh.

This fun mural was on the Brazilian consulate in New York.

This one is French by street artist Vinie.  Those eyes are mesmerizing.  The mural is in Eauze in the South West of France.

This last mural appealed as much for its message as its artistic merit.  The artist is Odeith.

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