Sunday, 4 June 2017

Pork Yakisoba – sort of

Carole's Chatter: Pork Yakisoba

This dish was an attempt at a version of a Japanese dish – Pork Yakisoba.  It actually ended up quite tasty so I'll be experimenting along these lines again.

Fresh noodles (Asian, bought from a specialty store)
Minced pork
Fish Sauce
Grated Ginger
Canola/sesame oil
Dashi stock (you get a sachet of powder and make it up with hot water)
Worcestershire sauce
Soy Sauce
Tomato paste
1 tsp sugar
Tonkatsu sauce
Chinese Cooking Wine
Zucchini slices
Cherry tomatoes
Small amount of chopped red onion
½ red chilli
Bonito flakes for garnish


When doing a dish like this which only has a short cooking time, I like to prepare all the ingredients in advance and lay them out on the bench.

Fry off your pork mince and onion in the oil mixture then when it has browned add the zucchini and cherry tomatoes.  After about a minute add your noodles.  (Because my ones were fresh they didn't need to be boiled first)

When everything is almost cooked (say 2 minutes) then add your sauce ingredients – the dashi stock, fish sauce, ginger, a splash of Chinese Cooking Wine (which does make almost anything taste better), Worcestershire, Soy, tomato paste and sugar.  Finally some Tomkatsu sauce (which is quite strong so taste before you add too much).

Once all is nice and hot it is ready to serve with a garnish of bonito flakes and chopped chilli.


  1. Looks so good and making me crave some Japanese!!!!

  2. I love Japanese food! We had sushi for my birthday, love it. This is a recipe I want try, I think I could use pork or chicken. Looks great!


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