Sunday, 25 December 2016

Cherry Log (for big kids)

Carole's Chatter: Cherry Log

This Christmas treat was inaugurated by my mother years and years ago.  My version is a bit different but equally indulgent.


Packet of Chocolate Chip biscuits (cookies)
1 cup of cream (double)
2 tblsp icing sugar (powdered sugar)
200g or so of mascarpone
Cherry Brandy (you could substitute brandy and cherry essence)
Vanilla essence
Chocolate for decoration


Whip the cream and the icing sugar with the vanilla essence – when softly whipped mix in the mascarpone.  My mother's version just used cream which was nice but stayed really soft even after being in the fridge.  The mascarpone meant that the coating was a bit set.

Carole's Chatter: Cherry Log

Dip your biscuits into cherry brandy.  This is the only bit of the log that is at all tricky.  You want to dip each one for long enough that it takes up the brandy but not so long that it goes mushy.  I erred on the shorter side which was a bit of a mistake – given that my biscuits were quite thick ones.

You then stick each biscuit to each other with your cream mixture – I did mine vertically before putting it onto its side – this is how you form the log.

Then cover the outside of the log with the rest of the cream mixture and ut your chocolate decorations on.  Traditionally we would have just had grated chocolate but I saw these fabulous little stars and bought them (and they were expensive too)

You can't serve this log straight away – it needs at least 4 hours in the fridge for the cherry brandy to work its way through the biscuits.

Not diet food but great as a Christmas treat.

PS  If you want to make a kid friendly version of this you could use cherry juice/ essence or dilute the cherry brandy with water.


  1. Happy Christmas to you and yours, Carole. Thanks for another fun year of blogging. My mother in law used to make this cake, but using sherry. She called it refrigerator cake and it was a legend in the family

  2. That sounds delicious and not too complicated. What a fun treat! I hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. Wow, this sounds awesome! And I love the presentation. HOpe you had a great Christmas.


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