Sunday, 6 November 2016

With apologies to Mee Maw...


  1. I am on a no anything beside food November..Our only just turned another year older and my hubs is on Halloween his birthday, I spoil them like crazy and that is that until I have to buy stuff in Jan 2017! the election here in the USA has made me ill I just cannot get over the crude ways of the campaignes and accusations..I don't answer the phone unless I can see the phone number for come peace and quiet, no trick or treaters at all we were thankful for that, we don't do turkey day as we are thankful each and everyday of our lives and help out at a place for people who work like the dikens and have no food and that is our turkey day..but happy holidays to you, luv your blog a lot. Happy days and holidays to you peace, joy and love toooo!


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