Sunday, 23 October 2016


Carole's Chatter: Quiche

This Quiche is the last in the line of my pastry efforts for now.  I lightly oiled a glass container and put the pastry in it.  Pricked the bottom a few times and covered it with baking paper and then baking beans.  I baked it for about 12 minutes.

I made the filling with these ingredients:

6 eggs
½ small tin of reduced cream (a handy substitute if you don't have fresh cream)
1 slice of bacon (chopped)
½ a shallot finely chopped
Chopped parsley
Salt, pepper and cayenne pepper

You mix this lot together and pour it into the pastry shell (having removed the baking paper etc).

And to put on the top of the mixture:

Grated cheese
3 cherry tomatoes – halved

Cook at a lowish temperature until the middle is just set – I think if you cook it too quickly, the eggs toughen.


  1. Love quiches. Was just considering making one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I do enjoy a good quiche. Did you cook the bacon first?

    1. Hi Claudia - I often do precook the bacon but this time I just cut it up fine and relied on the cooking in the oven. And it came out ok. Cheers

  3. That sure would make a good dinner for us tonight. I posted about enchiladas but they are actuall gone now. I have eggs though...and bacon....I can use your recipe!

  4. I love a good quiche for lunch with a green salad.

  5. "tin of reduced cream"
    Never heard of this before, where do you buy it?

    1. I buy it in the supermarket - it's on the shelf with evaporated and condensed milk. It is just cream with most of the water removed so it is thick and gluggy -- very useful in sauces and such. Cheers

  6. Quiche is a reliable lunch or dinner dish. Yours looks pretty yummy. (sorry I'm so late arriving, between travel and computer issues ... well, you know how it goes.)

  7. I was just visiting a friend who long ago was the first person I knew to make quiche. And what a history it's had since then!

    best... mae at


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