Sunday, 16 October 2016

Free Form Bacon & Potato Pie

Carole's Chatter: Free Form Bacon & Potato Pie

Having bought some pastry for my Steak Pie Experiment, I needed to use the excess pastry up.

So I did a Free Form Bacon & Potato Pie using puff pastry.


Puff pastry sheet
Potato slices (pre-cooked)
Bacon rashers (cut up)
Cherry tomatoes
Cheese (grated)
Crème fraiche
Mustard Powder
Chopped Parsley for garnish


Pre-cook your sliced potato for about 5 minutes, drain them off and dry the slices.  How much potato you will need will depend on how big your pie is – I wanted to have the bottom all covered in a layer of potato.

I then just dotted all the other ingredients (except the garnish on top of the potato.  I then bent the pastry sides up around the filling – as you can see I had a bit of a technical hitch on one side of the pie.  In an ideal world I would have made the overlap greater but given the amount of filling I had I couldn't do it.

Once you have baked this in the oven until golden brown – as they say – garnish it with the parsley and enjoy.


  1. All those ingredients make that a delicious pie for sure.

  2. Instead of technical hitch, say it's rustic country free-form pie. Looks delicious anyway. Were you happy with it?

  3. I like the look of that "hitch"! Looks like it was a hit.

  4. I agree with Claudia, it's more free form but a rustic look. I think it looks delicious, this would be a great lunch for us while in vacation. Bacooooooon! Yes!

  5. Oh man does that look good! What temp did you set your oven on, in case I try this?

    1. About 175 degrees Celsius, Vicki - not sure what that is in F. Cheers

  6. That photo is mouthwatering, it could be in cooking magazine.

  7. Looks yummy!! I recently watch the movie version of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society this past weekend...

    I actually found a recipe for Potato Peel Pie that looks interesting.


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