Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Mushroom Soup

Carole's Chatter: Mushroom Soup

I made a very simple mushroom soup – it was quick and easy – with the sole exception of the need to slice the mushrooms as finely as possible.


Chicken Stock (or any sort of good stock)
Pack of white button mushrooms
Porcini powder (optional but adds flavour)
Butter and oil
Salt and pepper
Thyme (I used dried but fresh would be nicer)
Cream (I used a small can of reduced cream)
Knob of finely minced ginger
Lemon juice


Heat your oil/butter mix till sizzling – while that is getting hot enough slice your mushrooms as finely as you can – so they'll cook quicker and colour well.

Sautee the mushrooms on a high heat until they have a bit of colour – then turn down the heat and add your stock and bring it to the boil.  Add a bit of salt, lashings of white pepper and your porcini powder and minced ginger.

When it is simmering, add the cream and bing up to being hot but not boiling.  Finish by adding a squeeze of lemon and serve – with a garnish – in this case some sliced chilli.

This soup is not low calorie but it is tasty.


  1. It's hot here but you must be in cold temps right now, right? Love a good mushroom soup.

  2. I love mushroom anything, so it is hard to believe I've never made a homemade creamy mushroom soup like this. I need to change that, this looks delicious!


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