Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hoisin Pulled Pork and my new Blog of the Month

Carole's Chatter: Hoisin Pulled Pork

First, my thanks to Bunny.Eats.Design for inspiring this dish.  I got some pork from our local butcher that was labelled pulled pork.

I marinaded the pork overnight in a mixture of sherry vinegar, brown sugar, Hoisin sauce and garlic oil.  I used 4 parts of Hoisin to 2 parts vinegar and one part Brown Sugar.

I then cooked the pork in the slow cooker – wrapped in foil – and moistened with some Chinese cooking wine – for 8 hours.

It was tender but would have been even better if I had ensured that a liquid covered the pork fully I think.

I have a new Blog of the Month for you too.  MJ's Kitchen is a foodie delight.  Wonderfully described as a 'spicy New Mexico kitchen owned and operated by a well-seasoned cook'.  There will be a link to MJ's Kitchen in my sidebar for the whole of March.

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